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Reaching the conference venue

The ICTP campus - International Centre for Theoretical Physics

Campus Map

The Adriatico guesthouse  is located by the Adriatic sea and can accommodate more than a hundred scientists in private and double rooms. The Laboratories of Informatics are located in this guesthouse. It also has two large lecture rooms, a meeting room, a reading room, a cafeteria, and a coffee bar.
Conference Hall
Giambiagi Lecture Hall - Location: Adriatico guesthouse, lower level 1
Seating capacity: 80

Standard equipment:
LCD projector - One LCD projector is available for PC or video projections
Computer - With Linux and Windows XP Professional
Overhead projector - For transparencies
Microphones -The room is equipped with two radio microphones: one hand held, one clip-on
Equipment available on request - Document camera, additional microphones, audio recording
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