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Developing of highly efficient, productive and ecologically friendly biocatalytic processes for production of semisynthetic beta-lactam antibiotics using improved biocatalysts, biocatalyst characterization.
BioTIR is the innovative, rapidly growing company, aimed on the development of new biocatalytic methods for the production of wide range of physiologically active compounds, including enzymatic synthesis of beta-lactam antibiotics. Company’s research interests include biocatalytic methods in organic chemistry, enantioselective enzymatic reactions, kinetic regularities and mathematic modelling of biocatalytic processes.
At the moment, BioTIR has the experience of successful implementation of the national and international research projects, including:
  • optimization of the biocatalytic processes for production of optically pure amino compounds (Target programme of Russian Federal Agency of science and innovations)
  • development of the new biocatalytic technology for production of optically active amino acids and their derivatives (INTAS Innovation Grant 05-1000007- 409)
  • development of the pilot processes for biocatalytic production of enantiopure amino acids and their derivatives (The Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises, Russia)
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